The way fans consume and engage with sports has changed (Favorito). In today’s fragmented digital world, sports organizations and broadcasters, there is not just 1 way to capture the attention of fans, and therefore revenue, like they maybe did way back before. The biggest change that digital disruption in sports is driving is
the need for sporting organizations, clubs and broadcasters to increase fan engagement. These stakeholders have long conceded that one-way broadcast is no longer enough. Sports viewing, once considered inseparable from TV, is transforming. Totally new viewing behaviors have risen from a raft of forces that are converging and disrupting sports content (Tokbox).

Therefor, most sport events have an own selection of products or services of which are used to create an experience for the visitor or end-users. But what could be the services factors of a visitor or fan experience? How can you involve visitors around sport events? Also technology has played a key role last years in this (Deloitte). That’s because it has helped to redefine and also improve the fan experience at sporting venues and stadiums. Which technology is important to create a a visitor or fan experience?

Fans are becoming more engaged thanks to a variety of experiences and services that are offered by technology. Based on literature and study cases we collect 16 service factors focused on “Fan Experience”. These 16 service factors are categorized into 5 themes: 
1) Immersion;
2) Digital online;
3) Communities & Loyalty;
4) Everywhere/ Anytime;
5) Personal preferences.


16 service factors

Used reports ‘fan experience’