Student Team Forward Game


Student assignment:


Service factoren


> Shine

> Easy to be a fan

> Role models

> Unique venue experiences.


Upgrading and improving the Tour for children by using new media types like AR and focussing on specific needs & wants from the target group. Creating a new experience with multiple touchpoints to enhance the overall flow.

Key findings in research:

  • Short attention span of children needs to be accounted for. Mini games are suited to allow kids to try different games, without long waiting lines.
  • Multiplayer setup, without the use of mobile devices (only for parents).
  • USe the energy of kids to enhance the story about football.
  • Make sure the ending of the Tour is memorable and it’’ possible to relive moments.

Selected Service Factors Forward Game:

  • Making it easy to be a fan.
  • Using athletes as role models.
  • Create WOW moments.
  • Letting them shine.
  • Build unique venue experiences.