Student Team X-Plora


Student assignment:



Proof of Concept


Service factoren


> Shine

> Immersion

> Share content

> Role models

> Exclusivity


Upgrading and improving the Tour for 3 different audiences by using new media types and focussing on specific needs & wants from the target groups. Creating a new experience with multiple touchpoints to enhance the overall flow.

Key findings in research:

  • Offering multiple games that combine the virtual and real world create a more playful experience.
  • A visitor can choose a favorite player that will be the guide throughout the Tour.
  • Afterwards, all the created content like game statistics during the Tour, photo moments and other memorable data can be re-lived and shared with others.

Selected Service Factors X-Plora:

  • Creating (more and better integrated) WOW moments.
  • Letting visitors shine.
  • Using athletes as role models.
  • Sharing content.
  • Offering immersion
  • Exclusivity.