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Service factors

  • Shine
  • Share
  • Immersion
  • Exclusivity
  • Engage fans
  • Unique venue
  • Wow moments
  • Pre/ post moments

Experience phases

  • Before
  • During (live)

Category: Tour & Game

X-plora is a multi device service that wants to change the experience of fans in the stadium. Examples are an integrated audioguide, VR (360 video) Augmented/Mixed Reality experiences, Location Awareness.


X-Plora claims to be ‘the evolution of the audioguide’. It truly changes the user experience inside a venue through a number of features that ‘level up the experience’. X-PLORA is an app-based solution that guides users throughout a venue in a totally interactive and immersive way.  As the visitors move around a venue, the app provides customized information/content, determined by the user’s exact location, profile, interests and moment in time (e.g. content triggered during an event can be different from content triggered during a stadium tour). With features like Geo-Referencing, Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D Sound, Gamification and Inclusive Visits for different kinds of visitor profiles, X-PLORA takes the visitor experience to the next level. X-Plora allows the venue’s owner to have full control of the experience – which content people see and when – offering unprecedented control over the visitor’s experience.


At a first glance, the stadium tour can be greatly improved with this solution, allowing the visitor to experience an extra layer that will make certain moments come to live (e.g. the dressing room, the ultras stand, the entire stadium, the control room).

The tour is inclusive and gives all visitors in a wheelchair the possibility to see areas of the venue that are normally closed.


The solution is a co-creation custom-made to fit the client’s (stadium) needs.

This has also challenged the company: how to make the app relevant post-tour? How can the app be used in game days?

Therefore, suggestion from X-Plora is to create a roadmap where they start by upgrading the tour experience and, together with the Johan Cruijff ArenA, Ajax and HvA they can co-create the event-day version of the app.


X-Plora will be suitable for every fans. Maybe casual fans will use it, because they want to catch the unique experience to visit the stadium.


Letting them shine

One of the intended goals was to improve the customer journey during event days/soccer matches in addition to regular tours

Letting them share

X-Plora also recommend the creation of a final, ‘chroma room’, where visitors can create exclusive content and download it to their mobile phones and share on social media – creating buzz around the stadium and having both these entities retrieve their data. X-Plora wants to add gamification to the tour.

Offering Immersion

This is possible by using all AR/VR/MR with features like Geo-Referencing, Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D Sound, Gamification and other features of the entire experience. Also if used during the stadium tour can this help to experience the sensation of being surrounded and involved by the stadium tour.

Offering exclusivity

Only by using the app visitors can see certain areas of the venue that are normally closed. The app offers extra information.


Creating WOW moments

Visitors can see the stadium from a different perspective. They can experience an extra layer, for examples certain rooms that are not open to the public yet.
During a tour, different types of experiences can be offered like audio, 360 VR video, and AR/MR immersion

Engaging fans everywhere they are

After collection of data from the fans, they can receive more information or offers after their visit (if they want to/opt-in).

Nurturing pre/post event moments

X-Plora suggests to create a roadmap where they start by upgrading the tour experience and also create a during-event-day version of the app. This means that visitor that visit the stadium for a match can use this (tailored/probably more limited) version for additional info to enhance their visit.


Building unique venue experiences

X-Plora offers visitors a tour with an extra layer. This makes the venue experience unique (mainly focussed on the general tour during non-event-days).



The target customers Ajax and the stadium. The target users of this service can be every visitor of the event or tour. The end-user can use the service before or during a live football match, game or event.


X-PLORA is an app-based solution and have features like Geo-Referencing, Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D Sound, Gamification


The service of X-Plora requires to collaborate with Johan Cruijff Arena and Ajax.


The service could be used to attract sponsors.