Oveit FacePay

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Oveit, Inc

Oveit Facepay 


Service factors

  • Loyalty
  • Exclusivity
  • Pre/ post moments
  • Unique venue
  • Fan preferences>

Experience phases

  • Before
  • During (Live)
  • During (Surrounding)
  • After

Category: Venue

Oveit FacePay allows biometric payments using facial recognition and liveliness detection.


Oveit FacePay allows biometric payments using facial recognition and liveliness detection for closed loop payments. To use it, fans register and opt in to use Facepay 


It makes the payment easier, since fans won’t need cash anymore.  


On arrival the system quickly scans and personalizes interconnection based on personal profile, created at registration. The profile stores demographics, benefits, digital balance and more. Personalized interaction can also be set up in the form of loyalty programs, personalized pricing and interactions. Fans connect their credit card to their digital profile so payment is processed locally.  


Every type of fan can make use of it.  


Recognizing loyalty

Loyalty programs and personalised actions can be done.   

Offering exclusivity

Fans will get exclusive offers. The service gives a more efficient experience, maybe only available if paid for, or only for loyal fans/members. To pay very easily without money or your creditcard but with face recognition will give the fans a very special feeling.

Nurturing pre/post event moments

Transactions will be faster and therefore fans can enjoy more time in their seats instead of waiting in line to pay.

Building unique venue experiences

Fans will be surprised that they can use face recognition and don’t have to wait very long in lines to pay. That makes the venue experience unique.  

Being well versed on fan’s preferences

Fans get special offers and personalised products.  



FacePay is focusing to midsized events and venues that want to improve the traffic flow, improve access to services, speed up que lines, offer personalized services and transform the fan’s experiences. Costumers therefore are every visitor in the stadion or attending the event. The service is only available when the costumer is live at the venue.


With identifiers (such as QR codes or Near Field Communication Chips) but also facial recognition or other biometric means (voice or thumbprints) FacePayP can be used. Payment technology speeds up access control, payments within the venue and allows personalized services such as digital assistants (chat bots). The network of FacePay runs on a hybrid online/offline private blockchain, transactions can be processed even when internet connectivity is low or even Oveit is using technology to manage transactions and data movement locally over the air. Beyond payments, Oveits technology can be used to improve security and streamline access control, offer personalized services and audience engagement. From interactive screens to mobile apps, they provide an extended product support line for events and venues. Oveit use mobile apps and Android or iOS devices to process the local payment and provide APIs for that, so other developers can connect and extend on the system.


The service of PayFace requires to collaborate with Johan Cruijff Aren, especially it needs to integrate with the cash system of the stadium. 


The service could be used to attract sponsors. Oveit provide an API for connecting with other access control systems that may want to check access credentials or access to perks and benefits (example: complimentary food or beverages, prepaid t shirt, access to the VIP area )