Student Team Momkai


Student assignment:


Service factoren

> Inclusive

> Pre and after events

> Immersion

> Unique venue experience

> Role models


mproving the VAR moment during live matches can be tricky, therefore focus on the needs of the visitors is key. A new experience was created with multiple touchpoints to enhance the overall visit showing not only VAR related information, but also general statistics and historical content; before, during and after the match.

Key findings in research:

  • Before the match, additional statistics can be viewed on screens while entering the stadium.
  • During the match, content can be shown in the same style with relevant but minimal distraction (facts, or other historical data). Don’t use mobile phones or other devices.
  • At least show the interim score like at home.
  • In the event of a VAR situation, additional information is shown in the same style to inform the crowd.

Selected Service Factors:

  • Being inclusive
  • Offering immersion
  • Nurture pre and and events moments
  • Building unique venue experience
  • Using athletes as role models
  • Being well versed on the fan’s preference.