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Service factors

  • Shine
  • Loyalty
  • Exclusivity
  • Wow moments
  • Fan preference
  • Pre/ post moments

Experience phases

  • Before
  • During (surrounding)
  • During (live)
  • After

Category: Venue

iXpole is a cloud solution for the operational management of VIP-experiences.


iXpole is a cloud solution for the operational management of VIP-experiences. iXpole automates all operational aspects and centres around the VIP-customer journey. 


VIP-customers are very important. But creating a high standard experience for important guests is a logistic nightmare. The more you want to personalise the experiences the worse the nightmare. Soon you’ll find out that a CRM is not sufficient to manage the logistics. This is where iXpole pops up. iXpole automates ALL operational aspects, from contract management, over stock management, resource management, over ticketing, automated communication to automated invoicing, surveying etc. More importantly: iXpole centres around the VIP customer journey.


Every VIP gets access to a personal online portal/app to personalise the experience, to manage his/her invitation, the tickets and/or administration. This gives the VIP (private/digital) freedom.  


VIP-fans in skyboxes.  


Letting them shine

VIP-guests get clarity and insight in extra customer service. This will let them shine.  

Offering exclusivity

iXpole offers exclusivity for the VIP-guests.  


Creating WOW moments

Great service will create a WOW moment for the VIP-guest.  

Recognising loyalty

Recognizing that VIP-guest are important and create extra service on their behalf, will recognize their loyalty. 

Nurturing pre/post event moments

Before the event starts and afterwards, the service for VIP-guests is very important. One of their services are sky boxes. With the app/portal of iXpole pre and post event moments will be nurtured.  

Being well versed on fan’s preferences

Data can be used to make the VIP-experience even better for the next time.



The service of iXpole is for organisations (the costumer) with high revenues from (sponsorship and) VIP hospitality. Focus is on “recurrence”, like sports clubs with 15- 30 home games/season, or event organisers with 20+ events/year with VIP hospitality. Concrete examples are football clubs in Eredivisie (or larger clubs in Eerste Divisie); Fixed venue events; Event arena’s; organisers  of multiple VIP events. The end-users are all VIP guests. Every VIP gets access to an online portal/app to personalise his experience, manage his invitations, tickets and even administration. This gives you VIPs total digital freedom


iXpole use open interfaces. iXpole manages the entire logistic flow of the B2B operations. iXpole is designed as a totally stand-alone solution, managing the entire B2B customer journey end-2- end. It contains CRM features, a mailer engine, a ticketing solution designed specifically for B2B, which is contextual, including a full ticket designer tool. iXpole advice 2 integrations:

  1. For access control (access control are typically designed to interface with multiple ticketing systems) and to really top it off. With the accounting package, to automate the invoicing and the accounting, initiated by iXpole, but managed by the accounting system.
  2. Ticketing – if it is required to have one central ticketing tool, it is possible to integrate our system with the central ticketing system. If you B2B seating is fully separated from B2C this is not really necessary.

iXpole interfaces are open and documented. Another integration could be another CRM:  iXpole is a CRM managing the entire sales cycle. If there is a need to interface with an external CRM, this can be set up using our open interfaces. The external CRM would then feed our CRM  with the necessary info to manage the logisitics. 


The service of iXPole requires to collaborate with Johan Cruijff Arena and Ajax. But they also like to colloborate through the feedback from customers. iXpole thrive on the experience of customers. They take the “community” approach where each of the customers benefits from the ideas and experience of the other customers, thus allowing them to move a lot quicker than if they were to develop everything inhouse.


The service could be used to attract sponsor and other partners.