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Service factors

  • Wow moments
  • Inclusive
  • Engage fans
  • 24/7 fan
  • Pre/ post moments

Experience phases

  • Anytime
  • Before
  • During (from a distance)
  • After

Category: Fan TV/ chat

LiveTube specializes in curated live stories. 


LiveTube specializes in curated live stories. Shot by audiences using their smartphones, produced by professional journalists and broadcast in a controlled environment.  


In a time of fake news and alternative facts, LiveTube aims to become the trusted source for live content – for reporters, audiences, corporates and publishers 


Live Tube can collaborate in several ways. With content creation and planning, marketing and advertising opportunities, pre-event activities, event operations and post event activities.  


Creating WOW moments

Revolutionary software turns every moment into a live event. Extra content from Live Arena will add an extra layer in the unique experience, also from a distance.

Being inclusive

If the on-demand and live version of the content create a feeling of “being there”, then fans can have to feeling to be part of the real event.

Engaging fans everywhere they are

Fans can receive exclusive content before the start of the event. Also, several post event activities are possible.  

Nurturing pre/post event Moments

Live Tube offers several pre-event activities: content creation before the event, integrate trailers and promotions, social media activities, partner activities and, in general, making a buzz. Post event activities are also possible: analytics and monetization’s.Seamless integration with own as well as partner channels.  

Feeding the 24/7 fan

Fans get exclusive content before, after and during the event.  



By combining LiveArena BroadcastRoom’s Al automation of live streaming production with the turn-key cloud platform LiveArena enable any organization to have a full end-to-end online TV-channel for any audience. target costumers are venues, sport facilities and corporates.

The target customers are different business partners to integrate the service in a platform or existing app. The target users of this service can be every visitor of the event. Also for Ajax and the KNVB for their own training facilities to broadcast specific coaching briefings from coaches or interviews with players. ln that use case there is no need to hire a camera and a broadcast production crew. The end-user can use the service:

  • Before
  • During (from a distance)
  • After

the football match, game or event.


LiveArena takes broadcast Al to the next level, embedding never-before-seen artificial intelligence into the LiveArena BroadcastRoom. The fully automated suite provides integrated content formats. Simply select your format and watch as the BroadcastRoom technology intelligently follows the action and automatically selects the best and most  relevant video sources to create a polished professional production. Pairing a LiveArena BroadcastRoom with the LiveArena cloud platform – built entirely on Microsoft Azure – provides foolproof management, scheduling and delivery of TV-programming for live and on- demand content.


The service requires to collaborate with different business partners such as the clubs, stadium or experts in the sport ecosystem.


The service could be used to attract sponsors.