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VOGO Sport


Service factors

  • WOW
  • Pre/post
  • exclusivity
  • Easy to be a fan
  • Fans preferences
  • Unique experience
  • Inclusive

Experience phases

  • During (live)
  • During (surrounding)
  • During (from a distance)
  • After

Category: Live match

With the VOGO Sport app fans in a stadium get access on their smartphones to the live feeds of the cameras filming the match. 


With the VOGO Sport app fans in a stadium get access on their smartphones to the live feeds of the cameras filming the match. They don’t have to miss a second of the game anymore.


Sometimes you miss a moment of the match because you are talking to your friend next to you. At home you can just watch the replay but in a stadium that’s not always possible. Fans can also zoom in or pause to have a better view with VOGO


With the app they have several angles of view on the match, for example a camera behind the goal. Also, during a concert fans can have a better view on their favourite artist with the app. Event organizers can also offer access to exclusive content through VOGO SPORT: audio of the match, players’ interviews, video of backstage of the event.



Creating WOW moments

Fans have a better view on a match or concert with VOGO. This brings them closer to what is happening on the field or on stage.

Nurturing pre/post event Moments

Unique exclusive footage can be seen in the app. This makes post event moments very special. Also fans can see the replay during the break.


The app offers exclusive information for the fans.

Making it easy to be a fan

With extra footage fans can follow the game from different angles. Fans can also see extra interviews with athletes and other content in the app, before, during and after the match.

Being well versed on fan’s preferences

Fans can have an overview of the event or zoom in on special events when they happen at the same time, for example at a tournament. Or maybe they want to see more of a certain artist on the stage and they can zoom in on that

Being Inclusive

Visitors can feel more involved during the game. At home it is easier to view more details.

Building unique venue experiences

Don’t miss anything from the match and having a closer look on the field or the stage during a concert, makes the venue experience unique.



There are 2 targets for this service: costumers and users. The target customers are different business partners (target customers are content owners, broadcasters and production companies to collect data) in the stadium, especially technology partners to make it possible to see different angles of the match or event.

The target users of this service could be every visitor of the event. The VOGO app is for all types of fans and different visitors.. The costumer can use the service:

  • Before
  • During (surrounding)
  • During (live)
  • After

the football match, game or event.


VOGO access the broadcaster’s’ camera directly from the TV production truck and set up a VOGO server in the TV compound, and plug SDi-cables directly at the back of the production truck (or technical rack). VOGO can input up to 16 feeds. VOGO solution can stream lots of different type of feeds, so they can associate automated cameras and tracking content and have VOGO SPORT broadcasting them.


The service requires to collaborate with different business partners such as broadcasters.


The app could be used to attract sponsors. To improve network stakeholder value the service could collect information about finance an non-finance value for stakeholders, such as:

  • To collect data
  • Attrack sponsors
  • Short term: stimulating sales of products
  • Long term: by supplying great experience, fans are willing to spend more