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Wizzymaps. Turning maps into experiences


Service factors

  • Wow Moments
  • Pre/post moments
  • Letting them share
  • Fans preferences

Experience phases

  • Before
  • During (live)
  • During (surrounding)
  • After

Category: Fan TV/ Second Screen/ Chat

Wizzymaps makes venues more successful by creating web-based maps.


Wizzymaps claims to make venues more successful by creating web-based maps. ‘On the spot information when and where you need it’. Visitors can use keywords or zoom in. The map can do much more than point the way. Map, current information and program in one. What the visitor needs for a relaxed experience.


Wizzymaps makes wayfinding in the stadium a lot easier.


Visitors can use keywords or click on the map. For example, if they want to know the easiest way to the bar or an exit. Wizzymaps is webbased SaaS solution, because the number of downloaded apps for events is decreasing.


Wizzymaps is a small company from Amsterdam.


Creating WOW moments

Visitors can easily use the map and find their way. This will make them very happy and will create a WOW moment.

Nurturing pre/post event Moments

Easily finding your way to the bathroom or bar will give you extra time that you can enjoy with your friends or family in the stadium.

Storing settings and other useful links might create an optimized visit.

Visitors with disabilities can easily find their way to the stadium if they need special routes or other additional help and information.

Letting them share

If useful tips and information can be shared, the service might promote itself through word of mouth

Being well versed on fan’s Preferences

The maps helps fans to find their way and helps them with their preferences.



Target customers of this service are content owners, broadcasters, production companies

Target users of this service are any sports fan who watches the game on a screen, TV or other video screens. Fans inside and outside the stadium can use the service.

Wizzymaps (webbased) is for all types of fans and different visitors. At the moment there isn’t a possibility to target specific target groups simultaneously. The customer can use the service:

      • Before
      • during (surrounding);
      • during (live);
      • after

the football match, the game or event.


The service can be used as a smart webbased map for the last mile and the venue.

Its possible to add every map design (business case: branding opportunities / sponsorship) and create clickable areas on that image map for in-depth information in text, videos, photos and links and manage your content. In the editor section you can upload content and give editors different kinds of rights.

Business model for the venue: branding and advertising opportunities design map and opportunities to sell content. Our business model: SaaS


Work together with venues, leisure locations, festivals, business events, trade shows. Its also possible to analyse data about what visitors are looking for.


The app could be used to attract branding and advertising opportunities. Also selling possibilities, especially if there will be a analyse Analyse data about what visitors are looking for. To improve network stakeholder value the service could collect information about finance an non-finance value for stakeholders, such as:

  • To collect data
  • Attrack sponsors
  • Short term: stimulating sales of products
  • Long term: by supplying great experience, fans are willing to spend more