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Service factors

  • WOW
  • Shine
  • Share
  • Inclusive
  • Immersion
  • Easy to be fan
  • Pre/ post moments

Experience phases


  • During (live)

Category: Live match

Synky is a creative Dutch company specialized in creating real live human animations performed by the fans.


Synky is an innovative toolkit for live animations, enabling you to create powerful animated messages with great visual impact, powered by your imagination. Synky is a creative Dutch company specialized in creating real live human animations performed by the fans. It can be card (foil or flag), flashlight or colored screen animations. Participating in and watching the result is a ‘unique fan experience’. Fans will share it on social media and thus create a new media outlet for clubs, brands and sponsors. The core of the animations is an innovative and patented app called SYNKY that runs on smartphones.


This solution makes fans feel like they are part of a group and contribute to something larger than themselves. The fans feel united and connected. Thousands of people together making live meaningful messages in a full stadium; this has a touch of magic Synky proclaims. The participants create together something which is bigger than the sum of the individuals.


Participants make the animations with the Synky app. They will use sustainable materials to do create the live animation.


Creating WOW moments

A big crowd in a stadium that performs a moving animation without any rehearsal creates a unique experience. This will maximise engagement and experience.

Letting them shine

Because fans take part of the animation this will makes them shine.

Letting them share

Synkys animations can be shared on social media.

Being inclusive

Everybody can participate in the performance with Synky, including peoples with disabilities.

Offering immersion

The spectacular animation will stimulate the senses.

Making it easy to be a fan

By creating a human animation fans are being involved in the venue experience. It makes it easy to take part and be a fan.

Nurturing pre/post event Moments

Before a match starts, fans can together create an animation with Synky.



Any kind of costumer can use the app with animations During (live) the football match, game or event. End users are the people who visit the event and participate in the animations.

 Also a club, a league, an association, a main sponsor, an event-organizer or a performing act are costumers.


Synky is an intelligent and patented app running on iOS and Android smartphones.

A dedicated Synky animation, tailor-made to your wishes, is automatically loaded onto the smartphone of everyone in the crowd. It kicks off for everyone at the same split second – no need to rehearse, and no active internet connection required.


Collaborate with the stadium and other partners.


The service could be used to attract sponsors. The service will stimulating sales of products and food/beverages.